Karen Bevensee of Finesse Design Studio loves to create space for an open, warm home life full of family and memories. Her way of working is a collaboration with her clients and partners to design something they are going to enjoy forever.



Your home life should fit your family personality. We like light and space and open warmth. Colors come alive together. 


We have extensive experience designing interiors for restaurants and offices. 


textures & Lines

Our ideas are based on a deep understanding of textures & lines and how they work with each other to form presence. 

Every home and place of business should look beautiful outside and in.

Think about the outside of your home. Does it make you happy? It should!
We spend much of our time playing and enjoying the spaces in and around
our homes, and we should love being in them!

Think about the outside of your favorite restaurant. Does it make you want to enjoy the food and experiences you have there all the more? It should!

We do homes and banking centers and restaurants and bars. Contact us today!



Timeless looks with modern philosophy

What makes a great room? What makes a beautiful pattern? We have our ideas on all of this and we are sure you do too! We'll put our heads together to design a room that feels like you, that feels like home: living rooms and kitchens and restaurants and banking centers. We think every place we live and work in should be beautiful even as it functions.