Finesse Design Studio is the newest project created by award winning designer Karen Bevensee, one of the most respected commercial and residential designers
in the west. 


What is the interior design process ?

What do we do and what is our process?   Yes, we do pick out colors and pillows; however, there's a little more involvement than that.

The process revolves around collaboration. We work closely with our clients, artists , architects, craftsman and builders. Our work begins the moment I hear about your idea. From there we have several stages to bring out my ideas into built form.

First we define our agreement. We get together and chat about your vision for the project.  We'll decide the scope of work, your goals, how you want things to function, and how you want it to feel.  For me it's important that your place is emphatic of your lifestyle, laid-back and luxurious.  In floor plans or schematic design I'll research and present ideas that create your concept.

I'll make sure your rooms flow harmoniously with intelligent stories supplied by your daily routines.  We want your new place to be beautiful in form ... and ... genius in function. We are always thinking ahead. We present our ideas through a selection of finishes, sketches, and visual imagery.  We then worship our vision with you to make sure we're all happy before moving on.

In design development we create detailed plans of each space, so you can visualize your home as accurately as possible.

Together we select your fittings, finishes, lighting, and door hardware. You'll receive a drawing package and a clear design intent at the completion of this stage. We get your feedback and then move on to construction documentation.

This is where we cement our ideas with a solid drawing package for tender, certification and construction.  We further test and refine our ideas here. Luxury lies in the details so we map out how materials meet, how joinery is crafted and junctions are resolved.  I'll submit our drawings to facilitate negotiations with builders, acting as your agent.  We make changes if necessary and push for the best possible outcome within your budget.

Once the building or renovation is underway we take on a construction admin role. Here we resolve any issues that may arise during the build. We track progress to our timeframes and documentation. We plan regular site meetings and approve samples. Once complete, we prepare a defect list and make sure the finished work is crafted beautifully.

The final stage is when the project comes together.   We curate your collection of furniture, art and accessories to infuse your individual personality into the spaces that will frame your personality.

As fun as it seems, this can be a mammoth task. Our team will ensure that it runs like clockwork with a furniture plan and a schedule of purchase items to track orders and review against your budget.  And that's a wrap.

As I say to my clients at this point,  "If you have any ideas, we'd love to hear them."


Finesse Design Studio

405 E. Wetmore Road
Suite 117-113
Tucson, AZ 85705


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